Savouring South America vicariously

surgeon savours cover

surgeon savours cover Savouring South America vicariously

I was honoured to work on this travel book for Karen. I was able to live vicariously through her stories and stunning photographs as she traveled South America for a few months. I got to see the people she met, the places she went and the experiences she encountered. To be able to put memories such as these into books for people is truly humbling.

surgeon savours flamingo 1024x576 Savouring South America vicariously


surgeon savours rio 1024x579 Savouring South America vicariously

Here is a preview of the first few pages. Enjoy!


surgeon savours screen shot 1024x473 Savouring South America vicariously

You can also see Karen’s journey at her Surgeon Savours South America blog.

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